Locality: The famous Yaogangxian mine in China


Bi Colored Fluorite On Ferberite With Milky white quartz Points




Weight : 7.3oz
Size : 2.6inX2.2inX1.8in
*Please Note: The longer calcite point has been repaired, price reflects as such.
Each crystal is carefully packaged and shipped from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A via USPS.


Product details

Fluorite clears the mind of cluttered thoughts, negativity, and confusion. It also helps one select a direction to move forward in when faced with different paths. Golden or yellow fluorite aligns one’s will with one’s mind, allowing them to bring their thoughts and actions into reality. Pink and green fluorite synchronizes the heart with the mind. Blue fluorite is good for the third eye chakra and helping with psychic clarity. Purple fluorite enhances mental abilities.


why you'll love it

Fluorite Crystals are masters at bringing balance, order and harmony to mind, body and spirit. They channel healing and clearing energy to the seven chakras of the body and ground these energies into the consciousness of Gaia. Fluorite opens awareness to the chaos present in mind, emotion and spirit that is interfering with our happiness and attainment of goals.




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Specimen stands and acrylic bases are not included in the price. They are for display purposes only.
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