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I'm just a girl with a big crystal collection, but I'd like to think I have something more. What started out as a small collection of crystals I found pretty quickly turned into a way to reconnect with nature and find peace in my heart and soul after my mother's passing. To connect with the universal energies and healing properties crystals can provide, be sure to keep a crystal close by. Good thing I've got a shit ton, am I right? Happy shopping!

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"You will never regret buying from this amazing store"

"This item just blew me away! Did not expect it to be so large and it sure is one heckuva stunning large piece - stellar quality. You will never regret buying from this amazing store as the seller and her items deserve 10 stars! Thank you so very much."

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I would give six stars if it was a thing Just sayin'

"I would give six stars if it was a thing. Just sayin’. Sammy responded to several questions I had about the item including a request for additional photos. Additionally she even smoke cleansed the moldavite for me as I was concerned about any previous negative energy attached to the piece. I didn’t ask her to do this… she simply offered. Just next level guest service imo."

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"amazing as always."

"Amazing as always. Beautiful, well cared for and well packaged products. Shipping is always fast. Couldn't ask for a better crystal dealer!"

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"It's exactly what was pictured and what I wanted"

"Love it. It's exactly what was pictured, and what I wanted, and was shipped kindly, quickly, and with a personal note. Thank you!!"

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