Locality: Huamalies, Peru.


green Barite On Matrix 




Weight : 7.8oz
Size : 3.8inX2.5inX1.6in

Each crystal is carefully packaged and shipped from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A via USPS.


Product details

It enhances the need for honest self analysis and removes illusions. Barite will show you the source of the difficulties in your life. It highlights negative thinking and will help you remove the old, outdated and negative thought patterns.


why you'll love it

Barite prompts you to accept your inner truth that will lead you to change and inner peace. Barite can assist you in releasing attachment to the forms or structures of your life that are based in fear.




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Specimen stands and acrylic bases are not included in the price. They are for display purposes only.
Please note that crystals are natural products and may have slight blemishes and/or imperfections within which only brings out the uniqueness of the crystal. I try my best to capture the true nature of the specimen, but if any additional photos or information is required, feel free to contact me!