Locality: Fujian, China


Fujian "Tanzanite" Fluorite Cluster




Weight : 9.8oz
Size : 3.7inX3inX2.1in

Each crystal is carefully packaged and shipped from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A via USPS.


Product details

Fluorite helps with mental clarity, mental enhancement, improvement of decision making, and clearing the energy fields. It works with all chakras. Fluorite clears the mind of cluttered thoughts, negativity, and confusion. It also helps one select a direction to move forward in when faced with different paths. Golden or yellow fluorite aligns one’s will with one’s mind, allowing them to bring their thoughts and actions into reality. Pink and green fluorite synchronizes the heart with the mind. Blue fluorite is good for the third eye chakra and helping with psychic clarity. Purple fluorite enhances mental abilities.


why you'll love it

Fluorite enhances our memory, concentration and perception opening one to understanding their relationship with self, others and the Divine and teaches one how to discern what is in the highest good for all concerned. It promotes stability, strengthens resolve, enhances self confidence and our ability to communicate with honest, objective integrity.

As a crystal of protection, Fluoride dissolves impurities, negative energies and blocks that are present in the physical and energetic bodies and helps to bring bodies into an elevated state of balance and cooperation. It also strengthens the auric field assisting it to be resilient, deflecting the negative thought forms and energies of external force and others.




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